D'Car Solati Limousine Car Rental Ho Chi Minh City

DCAR SOLATI with perfect design to meet the needs of transporting passengers of businesses, best suited to the traffic conditions in big cities Ho Chi Minh City connecting nearby destinations.

The car is equipped with many utilities for work such as 4G, a Charger (USB port), a clock, decorative lights with drops of water, a medicine cabinet, a rainwater cabinet …

The 19-inch ceiling-mounted TV is large enough for people in the back seat to see the program content clearly.
Dcar Solati Limousine has the only open sliding door system on the market today.

Each seat has solidly molded monolithic sidewalls, and an electric sliding mechanism, the front seats recline without affecting the rear seats and there are footrests in each seat.

We provide luxury car rental services for airport pick-ups, events, business trips and trips to the Mekong Delta.


+848 39 34 55 15


District 5, Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam